What are the meanings of short link?

Published on July 04, 2022

What are the meanings of short link?

One of the most frequently asked questions by many businesses, especially Internet businesses that deal with various links, is about URL shorteners. You may also be wondering what a short link is. short link is provided by Link Shortener Websites and improves links in terms of usage and performance; Even in some cases, using a short link can increase the click-through rate by up to 30%. In this article, we will explain the step-by-step link shortening industry to you.

What is a short link?

A URL shortener is a simple tool that takes a long URL and converts it to any custom URL that works for you. URL shortener or short link may also be used with names such as link shortener, link aggregator, link compression, or other names that all convey the same meaning. All of these different names have one thing in common, and that is to turn a long, nasty address into a short, readable, and beautiful address.

What is a branded short link? (Exclusive short link)

Exclusive or branded short link is one of the ideal types of short link that you direct your site domain to the epsi service in control panel. In this case, the domain of your site will be the basis of all the short links that you need. Instead of using public domains like epsi.link, you can use your own domain, for example mydomain.com/mykeyword. In most cases, it is recommended that you use your own domain to share links online. One of the benefits of a dedicated short link is that it increases the user's confidence in the link provided, promotes your brand, and raises your CTR.

What is the history of short links?

With the advent of the Internet, links have become an online means of communication from one place to another on the Web. Suppose you want to use the Internet, you have to search for a topic and click on the link of the results, or type the targeted link directly in the browser's address bar; There is no other way!

With the advent of Twitter, and other online sharing platforms, long URLs have become a problem. Twitter, which initially had a character limit and accepted only 140 characters (this character limit is now 280 characters), had virtually no long links in Twitter posts. It was during this time that the TinyURL service for Twitter was formed, and then the platform was changed to Bitly in 2009. Then Twitter created the dedicated t.co short link service, and then Google came up with the goo.gl service.  Nowadays, one of the best free link shortening services, namely Epsi, is available to users.

What are the practical applications of short links?

Short link has been on a steep slope since entering the market in 2000. Here are some practical features that you can use.

Link masking

Obviously, if you make your website URL smaller, you can hide the original URL from the user. You might think this feature is not a good thing for short link users, and hackers can use this technique to hide harmful links from users and harm them. Do not worry too much about this because browsers like Google Chrome have good security features by default that block suspicious and harmful links. Here are some uses for hidden links:

  • Concealment, beautification, or branding for malformed links
  • Shorten very large domains like "myveryveylingURLadress.com"
  • Tracking a specific link used by digital marketers.

Link cloaking

Note the difference between link misleading and link hiding. Misleading links is used to display incorrect information and more to mislead search engines. By clicking on these links, users will be redirected to pages that have nothing to do with the content the user is looking for. This is a technique for black hat hackers that may find your site suspicious by Google and remove it from Google search results.

Link shortening

Instead of using long links, it is much easier to use short links and be able to easily memorize the link. What address would you use if you wanted to introduce a URL to all the audience in a lecture session?! What address do you put in your presentation files? What kind of link do you use if your business card has been finished and you want to link to people in a link building conference? In all of these examples, it is best to use short links when exposing a link to the public.

Link tracking

Link tracking can be the first reason to use a short link. Digital marketing professionals and social media managers need to track and categorize different links in businesses. They should also collect monthly reports of activities recorded in each link. If digital marketers are unable to assess clicks and conversion rates, their job security will decline. Epsi Premium is one of the most powerful tools for managing and evaluating clicks. Of course, this tool is used for very professional marketers and large businesses active in the field of marketing and e-commerce. For general uses and the management of links and tracking of clicks, the use of services such as Free Epsi is recommended.

target link

Link retargeting

Used to change the link path in advertising campaigns and to connect site users to ad publishers. In this way, a short code snippet is placed on your site, so that when people visit the site, you can display ads to them in the future. You can use a variety of Epsi services to add redirects to your links and use them on platforms such as Facebook, Google AdWords and Twitter.

What is the need to use a short link?

When you share a link on many sites in the Internet world. As we mentioned during the article, we use this useful service for ease of use and better tracking of links. It is better to use a short link and better to say a Bio Page link in the biography of all your user profiles.

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