What is Bio link ?

February 02, 2022
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What is Bio link ?

What is Bio link ?

When you create a social network account like Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, you have an option to write a brief biography on your profile and you can insert one link to push your followers to your target and favorite link. This link can be a personal website, YouTube channel, google play download link or your other social network accounts.

Specially when you use Instagram you will see Instagram does not allow users to insert links to other websites in caption on their posts. The only place you can insert a link is in top of profile page which called your Bio .

Once again if you still could not find bio link location don’t worry and just go to someone Instagram account, you can see some text they describe themselves and their accounts right at the top of their posts, you can see a blue URL which is their bio link.


Create your own bio link

If you want to create a link for your bio, Epsi allow you to share all of your social network accounts and your favorite links only in ONE LINK.

Easy to create a beautiful Instagram Bio Link

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How to convert One link to Unlimited links in Bio Links ?

When you want to insert a link in bio, there is a limitation of link number. You can just add one link in bio, so if you have an online shop or many links of social network accounts definitely one link is not enough for you to push your follower to your targeted links or share your other social network accounts.

Epsi allow you to overcome all limitations. It means you can create a free bio link include any number of links that you need. You can share all of your other social network accounts, YouTube videos, WhatsApp contact, PayPal links or any other links you want to introduce to your followers just in one link.

Also you can use other free services in epsi.link included link shortener, QR code generator, online vCard and etc.


Turn your followers into customers

You can give a quick access to your products links on your online shop or promote your sales and events to your followers trough your epsi bio link.


Bio link statistic

One of the most important issues about links management and tacking links is the statistic, you can check the number of total click and unique click on your links, check the top countries and visitor map.

You can check visitors details included languages, OS model, browsers and export your stats data.


If you want to create a free bio link and use unlimited links with unlimited color design you can Get Start in epsi website and go to Bio Pages menu to start create best bio link for yourself.

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