Improve the quality of your services with QR Code!

Published on February 20, 2022

Improve the quality of your services with QR Code!

Until recently, no one knew about these black and white pixels, but today there is no one who is not familiar with them. If we want to examine this cognition, two main factors were involved in it.

First of all, Updating people with technology

Today, most people use smartphones and are constantly updating applications on various platforms.

To scan these funny codes, all you have to do is hold your smartphone camera on these codes from any distance to be scanned and access the services of that collection directly.

QR Codes are usually attached to the landing page of websites. Landing page is different for each organization according to the type of business, for example, in a restaurant it can be its menu and, in a store, it shows the link to sell a specific product and, in a university, it shows a valid article.

The second most widespread corona in the world

The coronavirus may have caused many deaths around the world, but it has revolutionized new lifestyles and online services, To the extent that the world can be divided into two parts before and after the corona.

As mentioned, due to the connection of people to the Internet, the importance of QR codes has increased. When you go to a restaurant for public health and ordering easier, you can scan the QR Code of the restaurant and register your order, or when you are driving on the road, you can scan the QR on the billboards and read more details of those services.

Or for creative ideas, in exhibitions to introduce works, in calendars to better introduce occasions,

Quick in-person orders when you drive to a restaurant or coffee shop using a QR code can be quite useful.

Where to start to have a QR code?

One of the Epsi services is providing a dedicated QR code. All you have to do is go to the epsi site and shorten your links. By doing this, in addition to shortening your link, you can download the QR Code, and if you are a member of the site, you can check your epsi stat link.

What are the other benefits of QR Code?

  • Direct impact on increasing site traffic
  • Improve your website SEO
  • Increase the sales rate of store sites
  • Easier users’ access to information
  • View QR code statistics made in epsi

These are just a few of the great features of QR code. If there is another feature not mentioned in this article, let us know.

How do you use QR code in your business? And do you look at the results of the QR code visit and the landing page that is referred to it and do you know its status?

Have you ever used Epsi QR code generator or not? If you use others tell us your experience.


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