Content marketing and its impact on SEO

February 22, 2022
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Content marketing and its impact on SEO

Content marketing and its impact on SEO

Today, one of the most effective factors for website growth and optimization is content. Whether you like it or not, content writing is one of the most basic growth tools on any website.

And with relevant, credible and valuable content that follows the basics of writing, you can see incredible results.

How to make a content valuable?

Before we get into the rules of writing for a website, there is an important principle that we will mention to you. Please write content according to the user's needs and do not just think about publishing content to do the job.

Unique content

One of the most important factors for content marketing.

If you do not have new content and you want to copy the content from somewhere, be sure to mention the source of the news.

Attractive and short title

Search for the most relevant keywords that are relevant to the topic of your article and try to make the most interesting title from the most searched words. Be sure to use the words in the link tag, but as short as possible.

Write content simply and SEO-friendly.

Google has defined standards that if you follow them in content marketing, you can get a good ranking and your text is more valuable than competitors. And the interesting thing is that the simpler your sentences are and the more understandable they are to the audience and the less complex words you use, the more successful your content will be.

Write short and write the main keywords of your title in the content.

Divide your article into three parts. Introduction, main content and conclusion.

In the introduction, try to give general and useful explanations to the user and be sure to use keywords in this section.

Go into detail in the main content and provide a more accurate categorization.

Finally, try to check the final conclusion.

Estimate the length of the content

If you use tools such as Google Analytics, you can check the average reading time of your articles and according to that, tell the user the average reading time of your article. This allows the user to manage their time.

Even features like podcasts or video content can be invaluable to those who are less inclined to read.

As you know, site loading speed is one of the main parameters of Google today, why? So that your site visitors can achieve the desired results in the shortest time. So, this shows that we need to value user time more. That's why podcasts can help us a lot. The audience may not have enough time to read and want to listen to the text of your article while going to work or when they drive the car or while walking, and the podcast can help them.

Building internal backlink

One of the best effective features for search engine and good experience of users are internal links.

By building internal backlink you make connection between related content and make this opportunity for users to read more and this makes the chance for Increase user retention time on the site.

In the last part, I have to mention that you know your audience. In epsi, you can shorten the link of each of your blogs, and in the epsi stat section, check the behavior of your audience and update your content accordingly.

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