10 effective ways to write a great to do list!

February 18, 2022
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10 effective ways to write a great to do list!

10 effective ways to write a great to do list!

  • Eat the frog first!

Eat that Frog technique delivers an important message that says, first of all, do the hardest thing you can do, otherwise you will be lazy. Always write the hardest task at the top of the list and take the biggest step by doing it. The rest of the list will be like drinking water.

  • Remove unnecessary to-do lists

Do not waste your time checking Instagram posts and other social networks that are not relevant to you.

News and other irrelevant articles take up your time and distract you, Unfortunately, most of our time on the Internet is spent aimlessly and just for fun, we have to concentrate more.

  • Use To do list application

There are many free applications that help you to make your list easy, fast and more useful than papers!

Such as: Any.do, Google Keep, Evernote.

  • Process the importance of each task on the list

If you specialize in your skill, write your list according to the importance of each item, and start eating your frog in order from the hardest to the easiest. Of course, it is important to categorize the list to do it all better. Doing each section increases the motivation to do the rest of the list.

  • Pareto Law

Pareto Law takes its name from Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto's 80:20 principle.

The law states that 80% of success is due to 20% of our efforts. This rule can help your success results from the list you have. So always use the results from your previous lists as a benchmark.

  • Daily list, Weekly list!

Why daily list and why weekly list? Even a monthly list next to these two helps you to divide your goals into short-term and long-term.

Daily listings can be very helpful in achieving short-term results. A weekly list can provide more general results in the long run. There may be days when we are less successful, but our weekly average is acceptable and even higher than expected.

  • Divide the harder work into several parts

This method is miraculous. It may seem that we are violating the first law. On the contrary, it helps you achieve results faster. You may need to split an item from your list into different categories to make your one-day list and do it in just one day.

  • Time management


Estimate the time required to complete the list,
Adequate knowledge of tasks, because we have to set a specific time for each and if it is not chosen correctly, it may upset us. Time management helps us complete our list faster.

  • Be realistic

Do not write a list full of hard-to-reach items. Try to be realistic and write an acceptable list according to your abilities and schedule

  • Be aware of unexpected things

Adjust your to-do list so that you do not get off schedule even if something unexpected happens.

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