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Shorten URL and link management

Short URLs will help you for link management and easy to share. Convert your long links to any custom URL and manage your links and your audience. You can edit your target link anytime and track your audience behavior.use this useful service for ease of use and better tracking of links.

  • Squeeze your link length
  • Edit your target url
  • Powerful Statistics
Shorten url and link management
Grow your brands

Add your own domain and replace Epsi.Link for branding your domain. epsi provide you many powerful tools for branded domain and you can create short link with your own domain.

  • Link Management
  • Privacy Control
  • Powerful Dashboard
All in one link management
All in one link management
All in one link management

Starting a campaign and it can be used to group links together for various purpose. You can use the dedicated rotator link where a random link will be chosen and redirected to among the group. You will also be able to view aggregated statistics for a campaign.

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