What is the URL rewriting?

Publié le July 31, 2022

URL rewriting or URL manipulation is the most common way of altering Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) for different purposes. 


What is the URL rewriting?

URL rewriting or URL manipulation is the most common way of altering Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) for different purposes.

The URL as a "web address" is a string that, when gone into the program bar field, guides the program to move to a given webpage and page.

Changing the URL can assist with client access and site perceivability; it can likewise be utilized by programmers to divert clients without their insight them in a specific site.

What is the main purpose of using URL Rewriting?

In general, URL modifying is a piece of the customary convention for the web that works and coordinates traffic based on URLs.

There are many programs which help you to create your rewritable URL, such as rewrite engine, it progresses your URL automatically.

One of the benefits of URL rewriting is for clients to use easier way for typing url also using for advertising and visibility benefits.

Sometimes hackers abuse sites like Epsi that have link building and link shortener services, but the Epsi support team always prevents these incidents by monitoring the addresses and analyzing the created links.



For what reason do we do URL revising?

  • Easier client access to addresses
  • Improving Google search engine to recognize your site
  • Directing the crawl of the site to the final destination

The URL Rewrite module allows you to decipher web search tool cordial URLs into a configuration that your application right now utilizes. Likewise, it allows you to make divert decides that can be utilized to divert web search tool crawlers to clean URLs.


How to create URL rewriting?

The basic principles for making URL rewriting are to have a server and htaccess file.

Also, you can Create your rewriting URL by IIS Manager.

Your can use some major website to create your own URL Rewriting, such as webrortools.com

Difference between URL rewriting and redirecting

URL rewrite create by server side and rewrite Base is a valuable server mandate accessible for Apache web server that permits you to effectively refresh various revise rules at one go. but redirecting is a client side.

URL rewriting more benefits

With url rewriting, you will achieve two important goals, SEO and client experience, it is an incredible method for making the site more web crawler cordial. Web crawlers can record and comprehend the page simpler and clients think that it is more instinctive and less overpowering.

A URL rewriting tool is mostly used by website designers and developers. In terms of SEO and site optimization, if the number of redirects is high, Google search engines will not be able to crawl the site.

  • It can help in SEO advancement by making URLs clearer and catchphrase rich.
  • SEO-boosting & time-saving tool for any website
  • Easy to type & more memorable
  • URL rewriting helps to use related keyword phrases which strengthen meta description and meta keywords.
  • Most of the time in blogs we can use different addresses for different content
  • Monitoring, analyzing and generate your campaign and website traffics.

We have talked about the significance of revamping URLs in this article. We have likewise perceived how changing URLs can assist you with further developing your SEO rankings and drive more traffic to your site. Lastly, we perceived how revamping URLs can assist you with lessening skip rates and increment transformations.


Short Link Sample

The below table shows an example of URL shortening done by Epsi.link, one of best shortening services.

Original URL


Rewritten URL



URL Rewrite Sample

The below table shows an example of URL rewriting

Original URL


Rewritten URL



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